As majority of the population is under lockdown and glued to social media people are getting creative are coming up with various social media challenges to keep them busy.

Here are some challenge which went viral and got immense popularity on Instagram: 


Origin: This filter was created by the user @i.m.noel

This is an Instagram challenge which was both simple and fun. The challenger was expected to copy the gestures given on the screen in a limited amount of time. You can also challenge your friends by tagging them.


Origin: This challenge was started on April 5 by Instagram users @stylebynelli and @myforteisfashion.

All you need for this challenge is a pillow and a belt. This challenge aims to turn an everyday pillow into a fashionable outfit, using a belts to fasten the pillows around their waists. This challenge attracted a lot of fashion influencers.

Check out Indian music star Neha Kakkar rocking the challenge


Origin: Unknown

You would be lying if you told us you haven’t been tagged in these bingo challenges. The game went so viral that people are making a bingo template for workspaces, birthdays, restaurants they miss etc. This game is very simple. There is a bingo template in which there are bingo boxes consisting of situations or incidents and if you have experienced them you have to tick those boxes.


Origin: WHO

WHO launched this social media campaign in an attempt to spread awareness about cleaning your hands during this coronavirus outbreak. The challenge went viral with people posting a video of them washing their hands for 20 seconds.


Origin: It started in January when Korean actor Jung Il-woo showed how to make the drink

We bet you’ve tried this too. The trend is inspired by the South Korean Dalgona candy. The drink became extremely popular during this lockdown by making our normal coffee interesting. The easy making recipe got everyone to try it.


Origin: Started by Toluwalase Asolo, a 20-year-old student at University of Hull in England

This challenge requires you and your gang to make a video. Where you’ll show your transformation from home wear to a stylish look in a second by covering the phone camera with a makeup brush.

Check out these Indian Instagram influencers who came together and rocked the challenge

Out of all these challenges which ones have you tried? Which one is your favorite?