3 Ways to keep your social media people powered

Connect To The Human Behind The Screen “What I like most about Social Media Marketing World is the emphasis on social. People. It’s great to connect with someone you know professionally who is on the other side of the screen, but in a live, authentic way. It’s easy to forget that each Twitter follower or […]

Why is the website important for your business

Anyone who uses even a bit of the internet is aware of what a website is all about. In its simplest form, a website is a collection of various web pages in one single domain name but the question arises and one that is asked too many times is ‘are we really aware of how […]

How to make your brand a brand via digital marketing

The world that we live in today has become a media addict, no longer the use of social media is a past time or a thing that was used to while away some time and connect with friends, old and new. Almost 80% of the world population is using the internet for multiple purposes and […]

Today’s Growth Hack – Unlearning

“Never stop learning, for when we stop learning, we stop growing”. We have heard this saying infinitely, but hey, isn’t it true?! Learning is that one concept that has uncountable positives and if carried out for adequate purposes, no negatives. While learning new things is great, some of this acquired knowledge could even be counterproductive. […]

Meri Jaan – Mumbai

I woke up with a shudder. It was time, it was here. Chills crept down my spine as I made a wrap of me in my now seemingly wafer-thin blanket. I wished to get down to my porch and get soaked but instead, my head did what it does best… it began to fret! “Where […]