Are you curious to know how a D2C fashion brand achieved a whopping 340% increase in sales with a ROAS of 10x in just one month? Let’s dive into it!

In the first month, the brand tested different audiences and ads to understand what works best for the brand. They generated INR2,20,000 with an ad spend of INR40,000 (ROAS 5.5x).

For the second month, the brand took advantage of the Ramzan period and launched a festive sale that offered products at competitive pricing. They also decided to create separate product categories for different regions based on the data they received in the first month. This led to creating different sets on the product catalog based on the top-performing products, and specific location targeting was done for different regions in India with a good offer.

One crucial factor they capitalized on was running ads during specific time slots that led them to achieve high ROI.

The results achieved were impressive. There was a 137.5% increase in spending, a 340% increase in sales, a ROAS of 10.5x, a 225% increase in traffic, a 76% increase in the conversion rate, and a 440% increase in the number of orders. The AOV was INR1,550.

In conclusion, by following a well-strategized plan that included product segmentation, targeted marketing, and taking advantage of specific time slots, a D2C fashion brand achieved remarkable success.

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