Are you a fan of an Instagram creator and want to show your support? Instagram has launched a new feature called “Gifts Expansion” that allows fans to purchase stars and send virtual gifts directly to their favorite creators.

While some users may be hesitant to pay for digital gifts, this new feature provides an opportunity for fans to express their appreciation in a more meaningful way. The gifts range from cute animations to more significant symbols of appreciation, such as a bouquet or golden trophy.

Not only does this feature provide a new source of income for creators, but it also helps fans feel more connected to their favorite influencers. However, some users may question why they need to pay for this feature, especially when they already engage with creators through likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Another potential issue is the possibility that creators may start requesting gifts or tokens for specific tasks, which could lead to a dangerous precedent of users feeling obligated to pay for content.

Despite these concerns, the Gifts Expansion feature has the potential to become a popular way for fans to show support for their favorite creators. The feature is currently only available in the US, but it is expected to launch globally in the near future.

So, are you ready to start gifting on Instagram? Share your thoughts and opinions on this new feature in the comments below.

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