Why Instagram? Very simply put, Instagram allows easy sharing of images along with appropriate messages! But if it was about just that, would it really have 112.5 million users today?! We think you might want to read on! There are thousands of businesses taking wing due to their Instagram usage! Read on, to be such a business- Know what you must!

1. Take for example- Cluse Watches.

An indispensable part of their strategy has been sharing user-generated content. Their customers often post pictures of themselves wearing their watches. Cluse makes sure to collect these photographs and share them on their own account, while giving credit to the original Instagram account. This not only shows off their large fan base, it also tells customers that the brand cares about their input. As a small business, you can do the same by featuring your customers with your product. This way you can easily gather all user-generated content for your own profile.
Give credits where credit’s due, and if that’s working to your advantage, don’t let nothing stop you!

2. Dont be all about you. Infact, try your best for the opposite.

Your followers must relate to what you post. Empathize- Would you follow a page that gives no thing relatable? Nothing educative?
Use features that may seem trivial, although work a bid deal like- polls, quizzes, but most importantly- Hashtags. You can use different hashtags everyday; the right hashtags tune your game all the way up! To help you here just a wee bit, we’d like to share with you a post we had made, on Hashtags that you can use daily- Click here!

3. Straddle on the following of influencers or brands in your niche.

If someone follows an account with the same focus as yours, they’ll likely follow you, too It is extremely vital to choose the hashtag with the highest number of posts from the drop-down menu.
Here’s a how-to:

Input your niche hashtag in the search bar. We used #MarketingTips for this tutorial

The top posts for that hashtag will load-

Select a few of them to see who posted the photo.

It’s more than likely a popular user, like this one, who has 10k followers, would be there.

Check out that person’s list of followers, and follow them.

4. Visuals

Content is important, but on a social medium as this, slightly more important is perfecting that which people will first see- the images you upload. Ofcourse though, this differs basis your business. Example- a photography page must hands down have high quality images.
See the difference for yourself-

Don’t miss out on visual hacks like grid

Be as captivating as you can. Grids are those that make people feel like you’ve put extreme amounts of efforts, because you have! Look them up, need you understand them better, but one thing’s for sure- they’re hella enthralling!

5. Use Influencers’ Quotes

Tag the influencer in the post so that they could notice that you’re highlighting them and giving them exposure without asking for anything in return. It starts to build a connection with the influencers.
We’ve hunted the perfect example to show you how-

6. Begin Conversations in the Comments

Most influencers only skim through the comments; only a few take their time out to reply to the comments. There is an immense opportunity of growth in the comments; what commenting on Instagram does is that it increases engagement on the account. When a platform notices a surge in the engagement on various posts of the very account, it starts to put that account onto a pedestal. The reason is discernible: a social media platform wants accounts that keep people on their platforms!
So starting conversations in the comments is a great idea not just for starting the engagement process on the platform, but so as to also generate a connection with your followers.
Here’s how-

7. Know when to post

You’ve got to remain consistent with posting- that’s a slam dunk! Although, don’t overdo it. No one likes too much of anything.
And in order to carry out the highest amount of traction, it’s a must to recognize the patterns of days and times at which your posts are doing best for you. It may differ from brand to brand, but initially chalk out a schedule basis your observations. You could draw inspiration from one like this-

8. Inclusivity

When you include your employees, staff and basically everyone you can, you make them feel involved hence wanting them to share whatever you share. Don’t forget, once a while, to upload images with your crew, your teammates; they’re practically your business’ backbone! Support the ones who support you!
Don’t wait, get started before it’s too late!
Try these strategies (the same ones used by influencers) and let us know how they worked for you?
Better yet, shoot something we’ve missed out on. We don’t mind being foolhardy once a while!